The L-Move community lives on Iperuranio.


One of the core characteristics of the community is that it is pre-selected, not everybody is allowed to join. This means that upon admission you will be allowed to operate in a protected environment, and when creating or joining a team we will provide you with a legally binding non disclosure agreement.

On the Iperuranio platform it’s possible to describe your business ideas and easily get feedback on them. Furthermore it’s possible to team up with business professionals with the right sets of skills to bring your idea to life. On the other hand you can join without a clear idea in mind, and surf among the ideas already posted, get inspired, give feedback and join a team to implement an idea in the real world.

Likewise, we promote in person networking events.

In addition, an online community is an excellent source of good, free PR for you and your company. You could even view L-Move as anarchive of all the resources that are relevant to your industry.

Now that you know what we do and how it works, we invite you to start innovating with the L-move community. Your unique skills give you unique value.